Sunday, August 23, 2009

Is This Horse Really Starving?

I haven't posted any pictures of Gus the horse for a while, so I thought I'd devote today's post to him. The animals are in the lower pasture now, which contains the pond. We alternate them between the two pastures every three weeks or so.

Whenever he thinks the pasture they're in is grazed down, Gus lets us know. He insists on hay, and kicks the bin over when he's done. He hangs his head over the fence and looks longingly at the other pasture, then over at us. He puts on such a fine performance that you can practically feel the pounds melting off of him as he aches with hunger.

Gus is telling us now that the lower pasture is all used up, and it's time to move. There's only one problem. He's lying.

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Do horses lie? Well, this one is. Look at the grass around him. There is PLENTY of grass left in that pasture. He just wants variety. Last night, I put him on the lead and took him out of the pasture into the back yard where we have a lot of weeds and some new grass, and let him graze. He ate heartily, then when I put him back into the pasture, he ran over to eat hay as though he was starving.

I had no idea horses were such great actors.

One more week, Gus -- you can make it.

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