Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lovely...Just Lovely

We had a cool, misty morning today. When I woke up, I couldn't even see the pond for the mist. I stepped out on the deck later to enjoy the unusually cool weather.

I watched my husband feeding the animals, and savored the peace and quiet of the country.

Then I went to go back inside. I immediately walked full-face into a large spider's web. As I stumbled back, clawing at my face to be free of the web, I stepped barefoot on to a damp hairball my cat had evidently spit up during the night. I'm lucky I didn't go careening off the deck at that point.

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I actually remember watching my cat groom himself last night and saying to my husband, "That's going to cause a hairball."


1 comment:

  1. I hate stepping in hairball. But I REALLY hate walking into spider web. Double whammy there.


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