Monday, August 17, 2009

Deceptively Pretty...and Poisonous?

So we took this pretty picture of the pasture tonight. Doesn't it look like a pleasant place to spend time?

See the tall thin tree on this side of the pond? If you squint, you can see Gus the horse grazing to the left of it. Isn't that a peaceful scene? Gus, the goats, and the ducks all spend a lot time in that area between the two trees, probably because of the shade.

We were walking in that area tonight, when my husband noticed....this.

Here, let me blow it up so you can see it better.

Oh. We think it's a cottonmouth. It's thick and stubby compared to the water snakes.

You know, maybe we really should be wearing boots when we're walking through the grass down there looking for Gus's poop piles. What do you think?

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  1. It is pretty though...I do love snakes. Just gotta be careful around them.

    We have rattlers out here. Haven't seen one yet. The cats bring me garters all the time.

  2. It actually was a very pretty snake. I loved the irregular markings.

    We haven't seen any garters out here. We used to get them in our suburban yard but not here, and for some reason we haven't seen any water snakes for a while here either.


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