Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fine Vines for Goats

Our two goats have an insatiable appetite for vines, and we have a plentiful supply. Well, I use the word 'we' loosely. In this picture, I'm afraid the muscadine vine Emma is enjoying actually belongs to our neighbor. I'm sure they wouldn't mind, though.

Arlene also enjoys our own vines down by the pond.

Sometimes she's joined by a little white cat, who tends to prefer grasses....and field mice.

When the goats get tired of getting their own vines, they walk over to the trees, and look longingly up at the vines, then over at my husband. They have him trained well. He comes immediately to their aid. They help him select the best of the vines, usually by doing a little taste-testing while he holds it down for them, and then he pulls the selection of the evening down.

Yes, they're completely and udderly spoiled. (Sorry, sorry, I tried to make myself not go with the bad pun, but it was just impossible.)

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  1. I wonder if they'd eat Kudzu? I've heard that sheep are used to keep that in check in some places.

  2. I bet they would, though I'm always surprised at what they won't eat. They're very careful.

  3. It's the thistles and nettles here that just make my mouth hurt when I see them munching away! They've been great at getting rid of the multiflora rose bushes in the pasture.

  4. We have (I think) wild raspberry with thorns, and they eat that. Like you say, it makes my mouth hurt just looking at them. The good thing is that they never eat very much of any one thing so they don't bother the plants we like either.


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