Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Goats

Well, we think we got about four inches of snow last in not-so-sunny South Carolina. The goats are reacting pretty well for their first snow experience.

They spent the night in their 3-sided shelter with plenty of hay and water, and ventured out this morning to find that the snow has bowed some of the smaller trees down so they can eat the leaves and branches.

That's better than hay.

We put out more cracked corn for the ducks, and refilled the feeders. Now we'll settle in to wait until enough pickup trucks have gone by to clear the road.

Because pickup trucks WILL be going by. The ratio of trucks to passenger cars out here is about 2 to 1, if not higher.

This snow is nothing for most of the rest of the country, so it's just fun for us...

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