Thursday, July 22, 2010

Greedy Ducks

Our seven ducks mostly live off the pond, but they've gotten used to us supplementing their food with a grain product called 'scratch.' We put it in a bin outside the pasture so that they can get to it by coming under the gate, but the goats can't get it. The goats have a little addiction problem with grain, so we keep it away from them.

The ducks appear to have a little addiction problem of their own, though. We now have a deer who visits daily and eats their scratch, and it ticks them off mightily. When it happens, they come up from the pond to the house and let us know about it.

They know we used to keep the scratch in the garage, so they come up there. We moved it to the storage area after they ripped open the bag in the garage and spilled it over everything, but they haven't caught on to the change yet.

They stopped along the way to let me know they were mad.

Then my husband came out with a filled bin, and they followed him down to the pond.

These are the three males, plus the original female, who hangs out with them. The other three females have to wait until the males are done eating.

I've tried to encourage the females to try a little women's lib, but then no one tries to peck me to death when I eat.

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