Friday, April 16, 2010

Irving Catches a Duck -- NOT

Irving the cat is such an embarrassment. He really thinks he can catch a duck...and the ducks think he's a complete buffoon.

In the picture below, he starts to stalk two of the smaller female ducks. (I hadn't realized when I took the picture that I caught the goat sticking her tongue out too.) Halley, our white cat, takes up the stalking stance too, but she's a smart cat, so quickly gives it up and goes to roll in goat urine.

Then Irving decides it's better to try catching Corky, the huge Muscovy duck with claws.

Corky ignores him and walks away, so Irving tries the two female Mallards again. I promise you that they know he's there. They just don't care. They walk away several times, and he stalks them again, each time getting this close. You can see how concerned they and the other ducks are.

They continue to ignore him, so finally he looks at us with this 'shouldn't I be higher in the food chain than this?" look.

Irving, you're an idiot. But in a good way.

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