Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Green Has Consequences

The spring pollen is here with a vengeance. It's collecting at one end of the pond. We're seeing pollen dust devils in the driveway. I think it's worse than last year, but I could just be blanking out last year.

One of our goats prefers hay to grass. Look at the difference between her nostrils...

...and the nostrils of the goat who prefers to eat the pollen-crusted grass.

I wonder if goats have allergies?
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  1. Goats are so entertaining, aren't they?

  2. Yes, goats can have allergies. It's not fun when you're allergic to your food. Poor Meg can't hardly make it during hot humid days. A couple of years ago she got to spend the hottest part of the day in the human's kitchen eating hay out of the bathtub and draining the toilet.


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