Saturday, March 6, 2010

Where Goats Sleep

Our goats have a three-sided shelter where they can take refuge during the rain or sleep on cold nights. It has a little attached corral where we can pen them if necessary. It works really well...for them. Unfortunately, it has to be cleaned. It's not nearly as bad now that we don't have a horse, but cleaning it isn't the most pleasant chore in the world.

The goats like to help, though. The other day I filled several bags with....stuff....and put it in the wheelbarrow to take up the hill. After I went back into the shelter, I heard a crash, and came out to find they had knocked the wheelbarrow over. It works much better this way, don't you think?

To clean the shelter, we use a special upturned rake with narrow tines -- goat poop is very similar to deer poop -- and then spread bags of Equine Pine over the entire area. It's a pelletized product that puffs up and spreads out after a thorough wetting. It's really a wonderful thing. (My standards for what's wonderful have really changed since we moved here!)

Here's a 'before' picture...

...and an 'after' picture. Doesn't it look fluffy and (relatively) clean? You'd think they'd be delighted at the change.

Evidently not....

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  1. It smells too pretty of course!

  2. But still better than it did when we had the horse!


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