Sunday, September 5, 2010


We've been observing some strange interactions among the goats, cats, and ducks recently. When we go walking down by the pond, they all tend to hover around. I'd love to think it was our magnetic personalities, but I'm afraid it might have more to do with the way food magically appears when we're around.

The other day, Arlene the goat was walking peacefully nearby when a small female duck, T.O., ran up and nipped her in the hind leg for no apparent reason. Arlene looked back, surprised, then just walked on, as if she gets nipped every day by small, ill-tempered ducks.

Of course I didn't have a camera with me that day, so this is a picture of Irving the cat wondering what I'm doing, with goats Arlene and Emma in the background, and large, clawed duck Corky hanging out to the side.

After I took that picture, Halley, our small white cat, came down to see what was going on. She wound up in between Corky and Arlene. As we watched, Corky moved menacingly toward her, so she turned to run -- have I mentioned he has claws? -- and found herself face to face with Arlene, who lowered her head, and horns, and charged...playfully? Who knows? Halley wisely turned and ran.

Of course I didn't get a picture of that either, just one of Halley wondering why everyone's so irritable tonight.

I did have my camera when Arlene decided it was time for me to pet her. She leaned against my leg while I scratched behind her ears. She loves that.

She loves that so much that when I decided it was time to resume taking pictures, she reminded me that it was petting time by pulling on my shorts' leg insistently. Like an idiot, I taught her that works by petting her again. I never learn.

Seriously, though, could you resist that?

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  1. Yeah, but how could you resist??? :)

  2. I must say this time of year always seems to have everyone acting crazy with the hormones and weather changes. I'm never been able to resist those goaties asking to be scratched either.

  3. I'm sorry to read about "Boots". He must have been a great cat to have.

    My goats are also pets, but then they are also dairy goats. Juju (Who was put down a few weeks ago) loved to be petted, she would follow me and lean againt me and run her head under my hands for a pet. I also would give her good all over body scratchs, but NO TOUCHING THE EARS! I just wanted to touch them too, so long and soft.

  4. Aunt Krissy: I was so sorry to read about your goats on your blog. I know that when it's time, you'll have another great group of them. (These are our first goats; I'm amazed at what nice animals they are.)

    Teresa: Everyone does seem to be enjoying the cooler weather! The goats are playing a lot more.

    Lin: Well, of course I can't resist. At least it really doesn't seem to teach them bad habits!


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