Saturday, December 12, 2009

Goofy Goats

It's been cold here for South Carolina. Today was mostly in the 40's, and we had to break the ice on the animals' water this morning before they could drink. Both the horse and the goats are growing thick coats, but the weather still isn't fun for them, especially since it's supposed to rain tonight and all tomorrow.

The goats have been such fun to have around. Arlene, in the picture above, has changed completely since we got her. She didn't like to be touched at first, but now she loves to be petted, and she has such a sweet, gentle way about her.

Halley the cat is still fascinated by the animals, and she still 'helps' my husband with all the chores. She especially enjoys checking the hay over.

This is the normal look we get from the goats. It means: 'Didn't you bring food? You didn't? Okay, pet me. Then go get food.'

Halley also tries to supervise Gus the horse while he's eating. I honestly don't understand why he puts up with it, but he does. It terrifies me when she gets in among his feet, because he can't see very well there, but somehow he always steps around her.

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